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World Social Justice Day

2023 Theme: Overcoming Barriers and Unleashing Opportunities for Social Justice.

Today is World Day of Social Justice! It’s a time to reflect on how we can create a more equitable and fair world for all. In 2009, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution recognizing February 20th as the World Day of Social Justice.

This day is dedicated to acknowledging the importance of social justice in promoting world peace, security, and progress. The day is to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, inequality, exclusion, and social injustice. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of social justice in promoting peace and security, reducing poverty and unemployment, and achieving sustainable development.

The 2023 World Day of Social Justice aims to promote global solidarity and rebuild trust in governments by working towards achieving the recommendations of Our Common Goals. The focus for this year is “ overcoming barriers and unleashing opportunities for social justice” thereby advancing towards this goal. This day presents an occasion to engage in discussions with stakeholders regarding the actions necessary to reinforce the social contract that has been undermined by the growing disparities, conflicts, and weakened institutions meant to safeguard the rights of workers.These crises notwithstanding, there exist numerous opportunities to form a coalition for social justice and encourage more investments in decent jobs, with a specific focus on the green, digital, and care industries, as well as the younger generation. Violent extremism as one of our focus, is a complex phenomenon with multiple causes, and it affects individuals and communities in different ways.

However, at its core, it is an expression of injustice and a rejection of the values of tolerance, diversity, and respect for human rights. To prevent and counter violent extremism, we must address its underlying drivers, which include political and social marginalization, economic inequality, identity-based discrimination, and lack of access to education and social services. We work to address these drivers by promoting social justice and building resilience in communities.

We work with local partners to empower individuals and communities to challenge extremist ideologies, promote tolerance and respect for diversity, and foster a sense of belonging and identity. We also advocate for policies that promote social justice and human rights, and support efforts to address the root causes of violent extremism.

On this day, AYGF reaffirms its commitment to preventing and countering violent extremism. We believe that justice and peace are inextricably linked, and that a just society is one that is resilient to the appeal of violent extremism, discrimination,and marginalization of any kind.

We amplify the theme of “ overcoming barriers and unleashing opportunities for social justice” On this World Social Justice Day, let us come together to promote social justice and create a more equitable world for all.

We must continue to work towards a world where everyone can live in dignity and security, free from the threat of violence and discrimination. Join us in this vital mission!

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